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The Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) is an innovative, public-private initiative dedicated to supporting and promoting global cooperation for food safety capacity building. GFSP is uniquely able to assess food safety systems and propose systems-based interventions to address specific food sector needs and to prioritize hazards and threats.

Our partners include leading food and beverage multinationals, intergovernmental organizations, government agencies, global industry organizations, universities and other knowledge experts, and others. The work of GFSP is focused on low- and middle-income countries that benefit from the expertise and resources we leverage from among our partners and other stakeholders to deliver value.

GFSP's commitment to a collaborative approach includes disseminating lessons learned and best practices to inform future food safety capacity building that improves public health, facilitates market access, and contributes to enhanced food security across the globe.

The result? A multiplier effect for food safety capacity actions.

For more information about GFSP contact us at gfsp@worldbank.org 

Julian A. Lampietti
Chair, GFSP Governing Committee
Lystra N. Antoine
Governing Committee Members

Q1.  What does the Global Food Safety Partnership do?

  We are an innovative, public-private initiative tasked with supporting and promoting cooperation for food safety capacity building in emerging economies worldwide.

We advocate for safe food by:

• Setting issue priorities and developing positions for food safety capacity building in developing and middle-income countries;

• Disseminating lessons learned and best practice; and

• Influencing relevant investments in our priority regions and mobilizing the reach and expertise of our partners to pool resources in order to deliver specific capacity building efforts.  

Q2. Who are the members of the GFSP?

Our vast network of collaborators includes leading global food companies and industry associations, government ministries and agencies, leading inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and others.

Q3. In what parts of the world does GFSP operate?

GFSP projects are undertaken globally in developing and middle-income countries. Visit www.gfsp.org to learn more about our current, active projects. 

Q4. Where is the GFSP based? 

The GFSP is hosted within the Washington D.C. headquarters location of the World Bank. GFSP is able to leverage the independence, expertise, funding, and convening power of the Bank and, simultaneously, the GFSP’s goals support the achievement of the Bank’s overall mission to end extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity.

Q.5 How can I join or learn more?

For membership information about GFSP or other inquiries, email us at gfsp@worldbank.org

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