Convening A High-Level Dialogue on Building Trust and Capacity for Safe Food in Asia

December 9, 2016 --  GFSP, in collaboration with Food Industry Asia (FIA), hosted an exclusive forum for leading decision-makers from the public and private sectors in Singapore to discuss critical aspects of building trust and enhancing capacity in the region’s food safety system.

Our dialogue brought together some 56 key influencers from public, private, non-government organizations and international organizations to examine the status of and strains on Asian food safety systems and to share and showcase examples of best practices in prioritizing and coordinating food safety initiatives.

Governments represented included: Singapore; India; Vietnam; China; and Canada. In addition, dignitaries included the Vice President for Asia, World Bank; the Regional Director, International Finance Corporation; and the FAO Assistant Director General and Regional Representative.

Our discussions surfaced important areas for future focus, including food fraud, risk communication; and needs assessments.

The outcome of assembling this type of thought leadership? Strong acknowledgement that a collaborative global approach is critical to tackle food safety via a “whole of systems approach” to building capacity.

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