GFSP Represented at APEC's Food Safety Cooperation Forum

Matt Kovac, Executive Director of Food Industry Asia (FIA) and a GFSP Governing Council Member, presented the GFSP at the APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum (FSCF) and the Partnership Training Institute Network (PTIN) in Hanoi, Vietnam, on May 12 and 13, 2017.

Kovac, with support provided by GFSP Governing Council Members Dr. Paul Young and Sonia Bradley, shared an update on the GFSP'S recent activities and its new strategic direction. "It is an honor to present at the FSCF in Hanoi and discuss the private sector's role in strengthening food supply chains, the importance of public-private partnerships like the GFSP, and the significant progress the Partnership has made over the last two years helping to strengthen food safety in Asia and increasingly in other parts of the world," said Kovac.

FIA is a steering group member of the FSCF-PTIN, which is working with APEC economies to underpin collaborations to enhance food safety, facilitate trade, and protect consumers in the region. Yifan Jiang, FIA's Head of Regional Regulatory Affairs, also presented at a FSCF Export Certificate Workshop in Hanoi, representing the food industry as it works with APEC governments to streamline export certification in the region and enhance collaboration to facilitate trade.

Kovak noted that the key outcomes from the week-long FSCF meetings addressed streamlining export certification requirements; harmonizing import MRLs for pesticides; and collaborating to modernize food safety control systems. He added that in the APEC FSCF statement, APEC economies continue to recognize the ongoing collaboration with the GFSP and acknowledge the efforts of the GFSP to build on the FSCF-PTIN model for food safety capacity building. 

Picture: (L) Matt Kovac and Yifan Jiang at APEC FSCF in Hanoi. (R) Matt Kovac presents the GFSP'S new strategic approach to APEC economies in Hanoi

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