Guarding Against Food Safety Threats to Seafood: Delivering Sustainable Education and Trainings


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In partnership with the APEC Food Safety Cooperation Forum Partnership Training Institute Network (FSCF PTIN), GFSP designed and delivered a train-the-trainer module in Vietnam enabling in-country trainers to share sustainable education around best practices and processes to control food safety and related disease management problems that threaten the Country’s aquaculture development. Our initial train-the- trainer project in 2015 focused on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles for processing of seafood/aquaculture products in ways that prevent threats and avert diseases.

Project Results

The training module has helped to create a knowledge network that serves both as a resource and as a sharing ground for scaling up the learning process itself. And, it has successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of a common education platform to help deliver comprehensive, certificate-level aquaculture food safety and supply chain management training programs. As a result, instructors will be prepared to deliver future training through a standardized curriculum that follows HACCP principles.

Success Indicators and Outcomes

  • 24 participants from eleven APEC economies trained over a 4-day period.
  • HACCP course development included a custom-designed segment on aquaculture disease management in Viet Nam that specifically looked at industry concerns as well as regulatory consequences and reviewed both buyer and consumers’ perspectives.
  • Trainees received formal certificates issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) that recognizes they are now able to deliver the standardized Seafood HACCP curriculum.
  • Additional follow up training planned in Hanoi for November 2017.

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