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Food Safety in Africa: Past Endeavors and Future Directions                   

     Full report in English

     Full report in French

     Brochure of the Report - Food Safety in Africa (English) 

     Brochure of the Report - Food Safety in Africa (French) 


 Appendices of the Report (English)

Relevant materials from the launch of the report in Addis Ababa in February 11, 2019


 GFSP Annual Report

  GFSP Annual Report 2014 (.pdf)

  GFSP Annual Report 2015 (.pdf)


 GFSP Infographic 



 GFSP Briefs  

 Developing a Global Tool for Chemical Risk Assessment (.pdf)

 An Early GFSP Success Story: Food Safety Management Training (.pdf)

 Undertaking a Food Safety Needs Assessment in China (.pdf)

 Laboratory Capacity Assessment and Pilot Training Program (.pdf)

 Charting a Course for Food Safety in Zambia (.pdf)

 Aquaculture Food Safety Management in Malaysia (.pdf)

Inter-American Network of Food Analysis Laboratories (INFAL)

The INFAL was created as an interaction mechanism among food analysis laboratories the Americas in to strength their analytical capabilities to ensure food safety, protect consumer´s health and promote international trade. To date, there are more than 250 laboratories from 31 countries in the Americas members of the INFAL that regularly meet via web-based platforms, seminars, workshops, assemblies or through other activities promoted by the INFAL.


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